To Curb or Not To Curb...

Is there really any question?

Before and After

The Benefits of Curbing

  1. Best option for landscape edging
  2. One piece construction prevents movement
  3. Landscape curbing is durable, long lasting and virtually maintenance free
  4. Versatile with many colors, patterns and styles to choose from to create a unique look for your property
  1. Increase property value while adding creative aesthetic curb appeal to your property
  2. Decrease landscape maintenance time
  3. Contain mulch or rock in beds and out of lawns and keep lawn from growing into beds
  4. Quick results with one day installation
  5. Affordable

To Curb or Not To Curb
With Reede's Custom Curb...

Again, is there really any question?

COMMUNITY We are not a franchise. We are a family-based business, locally owned and operated. We invest ourselves in the integrity of how we run our business. The Better Business Bureau accreditation speaks to that integrity.

GUARANTEE Reede's Custom Curb guarantees estimates to be accurate. Never are there any surprises when the job is completed. You pay what was quoted to you before the job began. If customer adjustments are made to the job, an adjusted estimate will follow. We also offer a Two-Year product guarantee. We stand behind our workmanship and our product.

PROTECTION Concrete may, as concrete does, crack. We virtually eradicate that occurrence by reinforcing our curbing with fiber mesh. We also hand-tool wet-cut expansion joints. The expansion joints protect curbing from ground movement which occurs in freezing and thawing of the ground and wet-cutting produces a finer finished product also protecting against breakage. We further protect your landscape curbing by sealing the concrete with specially formulated sealers for color protection from UV rays of the sun which can cause fading. All of these steps are taken to insure the enjoyment of your custom curbing for years to come.