The What Landscape Curbing Explained curbing

Landscape curbing is a continuous, one-piece constructed landscape border. The edging is made from concrete which provides unmatched durability, versatile and variety compared to other forms of landscape edging. Because it is one piece, there is no movement. Because it is concrete, it does not splinter, rot or rust as other forms of edging do. It is maintenance free. Our custom edging is not only functional and practical, it is also a decorative component to your landscape. Our curbing is made to order. You have many choices, from texture pattern to color, from style to lighting. We also exclusively offer the MINIcurbTM which is a narrow edging at half the width of our regular curbing. All of these options are available to create your own customized work of landscape art.

The Where Multiple Applications

Curbing is used for numerous landscape applications. It is a great idea to reduce maintenance time for your landscape. It holds the mulch or rock in the beds from going into the lawn and it holds back the weeds and grass from growing into your beds. The curbing provides a great edge for mowing to reduce or even eliminate trimming time. Landscape curbing is often used for edging:

  1. gardens, landscape beds and around trees
  2. along sidewalks and driveways
  3. around fire pits
  4. around patios and decks
  5. beds around building foundations
  6. around ponds or other water features

The possibilities are as endless as your ideas. Visit our gallery to get more ideas.

The How Installation Process

Landscape curbing is fast, easy and affordable. Installation is a one-day process with virtually no disturbance to your existing landscape. The concrete is mixed on-site. The curbing machine eliminates the need for pouring forms which saves on time, money and disturbance to your landscape. The machine easily handles straight or curved lines to create all shapes. After the curbing is laid, wet-cut expansion joints are hand-tooled into the curbing. Wet-cutting insures a much better finish on the final product. Expansion joints protect against breakage during seasonal cycles of freezing and thawing. Concrete curbing, as any other form of concrete, can and will crack. We add fiber mesh and other additives to our concrete to increase its strength and to minimize shrinkage, which produces cracks. We take all of these steps and we experience very little cracking in our curbing. The final step is to apply a clear sealer to protect the curbing color against fading from the UV rays of the sun.